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Sam At Science March Chicago

I come from a history of progressive organizers. My grandfather, Angelo Geocaris, stood side-by-side with Chicago titans Harold Washington, Abner Mikva, and Newton Minow to fight the political patronage problems that plagued Chicago in the late 20th century. Today, I work to fuse technology with time tested organizing practices to help movements leverage digital tools to engage and drive action from their audiences. I was inspired by the successful digital organizing efforts of the Bernie Sanders Campaign, so joined the Progressive Coders Network, a group of tech volunteers who built much of the campaign’s digital infrastructure. I founded a technology nonprofit, Blue Boost, which builds tools and advises progressive organizations on how to interact with the vast landscape of the internet to bring about positive change in the world.

For awhile, I lived in Denmark. I came to admire their ideal that everyone in society should be able to live 'the good life'. Their strong social safety net, commitment to education, and investment in public goods impressed upon me the importance of having a government that works for everyone in society. Their politics stand in start contrast to the disfuctional mess that we have today


I build technology products. You can see my professional profile here.

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Women's March on Washington

I served as the Head of Digital Operations and Data for the Women's March. In conjunction with Blue Boost, Ragtag, and Progressive Coders Network I helped launch 8 digital products including: Operation Headcount, The Bus Finder, resources page, The DoubleDutch mobile app, chatbot, map, day-of guide, and MarchBnB. It was a crazy 2 months. On the day of the March, I was in charge of on the ground communications and spent the day working with DC Metro Police. I want to thank all the Ham radio operators that came out to help make the March a safe experience. Our final estimate from Operation Headcount was 840,000 Marchers. I continue to think we underestimated attendance and it was higher.

Grab Your Wallet

The Blue Boost team helped Shannon Coulter transition from her original Google Sheet to an html website. We continue to host her infastructure and protect the site from DDoS attacks to ensure it is highly available.

Lawyers for Good Government

Lawyers for Good Government (L4GG) is facing one of the most interesting scaling problems in the new movement. 130,000 lawyers came together after the election to say they were going to help defend civil, voting, and personal rights during in the growing authoritarian era. I've been helping their founder, Traci Feit Love, source digital tools to help organize her volunteers. I'm also working with a team on a their lawyer for every counting initiative and a timeline detailing Trump's interactions with Russia.